Weather and Showings – Unrelated


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I was recently talking to another Park Ridge agent and we were going over some showings last weekend when it was about 2 degrees outside. I know I’ve been very busy with showings and she told me she showed 27 homes last Sunday 1/3. Now, this was the weekend of the New Year’s Holiday and it was brutal outside, BUT if you have to look for homes, you’re going to look for homes.

The recent tax credit for both new and current homeseekers has really boosted activity. We are thankful for many of the programs that have been introduced to the ailing real estate market and even more thankful that some of them are working well.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about your real estate options.

New Decade


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Wow, where did those last ten years go? I know we might be saying where did those last 25 years go as well. Time flies and throughout these last 25 years, real estate has seen dramatic shifts in both directions as well as the mortgage industry.

I can say this for sure: This is one of the very best times to move up or buy your first home. The pricing will start to come back up and we have seen that already starting. Interest rates are still extremely low and we all know this cannot last.

Many are taking advantage of the tax credits and that has been the genesis of the latest surge in home sales. Inventory is declining and spring is not far off, which should allow for a continuation of the growth we have seen recently.

Here’s to a great decade!

Home Sales up over 68% in November from Last Year


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The recent report on November Sales was very encouraging, to say the least. Homes are starting to sell thanks to the new tax credits that were introduced and extended for new homeowners. Us REALTORS are excited and thankful for the boost and would advise lookers to get moving because these programs do have expirations.

Here’s more info in the new tax credits.