If you don’t get what you want, hang up and call again


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Recently, I’ve found a new way to get what I want from bigger companies – Hang up and call back.  Not sure about everyone else, but as soon as I start talking to someone from customer service, I can tell if this person is going to help me or going to give me grief.  And with that, I’ve found that I can end the call politely and call back and hope to get someone a little more “service” oriented.  And – It has worked! 

So next time you have a problem with a big company’s “service”, end the call and call right back – you may be surprised and get what you were calling for.  (This applies to mortgage companies as well)

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A Word of Caution about Microsoft Updates


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After updating my computer last week (Vista – 64 bit OS) with the Windows Update, my system has crashed mulitple times. So, instead of trying to figure it out this time, I call HP as I still have a warranty on the computer.  Guess what they tell me to do?  Not update my computer from Microsoft any more – just update drivers when you need to is what she told me.  I told her I just put on the new service pack and she said that was a mistake and that I should not update from them again.  WHAT????????????

Windows Update with Windows Ultimate Extras
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I mean – I know it’s like playing Russian Roulette with my computer when I do updates – but this is a tad bit ridiculous.  So – she went into the computer via remote and did everything that I did before I called as I sat here laughing/crying about the state of customer service and blatant finger pointing by these monstrous companies and finally got me back up and running by doing a “Last Known Good Configuration” which was sometime in 1993.  Flash forward to today and all the problems are back.  This time – they tell me to unplug the computer and hold the on button for several minutes to clear the static electricity and then repeat the same steps from last week and it worked! 

This rant is courtesy of  my cpu crashing three times since I wrote the last post 10 minutes ago. 

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