A Film That I think you should see


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Baraka (film)
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This is from our webmaster, Paul:

Gretchen, normally I do not send recommendations for films/movies to my clients, but I had to pass this one on as it was unlike anything I have ever seen before. A friend of mine borrowed me the BluRay for it: The name of the film is “Baraka” – Made in 1992 and directed by Ron Fricke, this documentary was shot in over 25 countries and took more than 20 years to make. It is one of the most thought provoking, beautiful things I have ever seen! 

It says so much yet there is not a word that is spoken in the film. It left me slack-jawed by the message and the beauty of the shots throughout the film. I asked my wife to sit down when she got home from work Friday and I put the movie on for her, she watched the entire thing and when I asked her what she thought – she was speechless, unable to articulate her thoughts about it. Unbelievable was really the only thing she kept saying….

I just want to say – this is not a movie – not a documentary really – There are no actors, there are no comments, there is no plot, but I can tell you that you will be impacted by it and it will leave you shaking your head.

Here’s some more info on it. I watched it three times this weekend – something I have never done before – especially with three kids to care for!

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Arts in Park Ridge


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Here is a list from the Park Ridge Community Network for the arts in our great town:

Bog Theatre
The Bog Theatre is an Equity theatre company that is working to provide fertile ground for the arts in Park Ridge and suburban Chicago .

Brickton Art Center
year-round fine arts classes, supporting and promoting artists through free professional art exhibitions

Manifold Melodies
We offer private lessons in piano, voice and percussion to all ages. We also offer music awareness lessons to children from 18 months to 6 years old.

Midwest Young Artists
Opportunities for Young Musicians.

Park Ridge Art League
The Park Ridge Art League was organized in December 1943 to encourage artists in the expression of art, and develop a greater knowledge and appreciation of art in the Community.

Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council, Inc.
The Park Ridge Cultural Arts Council invites you to explore the wide variety of arts & entertainment available in the Park Ridge area.

StageCoach Theatre Arts Schools
StageCoach Theatre Arts Schools offers boys and girls ages 4-16 a comprehensive education in singing, drama, and dance.