Let’s move Black Friday to Black Saturday!


Posted by Park Ridge Real Estate | Posted in Black Friday | Posted on 09-11-2015

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There seems to be a movement (thankfully) to stop the madness of shopping on Thanksgiving, thus freeing up our day/evening to spend with family and friends.  Makes sense to me.  But I’d like to take it a step further and move Black Friday to Black Saturday – so we can all enjoy that day/night without thinking about getting up at 3 AM to go shopping (stampeding) on Black Friday to buy the $99 TV.

In fact, why not take that Friday and dedicate it to family/friends?  Let’s add another holiday that actually brings us together for another day – we can call it Family Day or Day of Rest (which we need after all that cooking/cleaning/shopping/working all year)

I have nothing against capitalism – really, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I wish we had more (stress-free, work-free) time to spend with our loved ones, friends and family, or just alone. If we can have a day that celebrates nothing but unbridled spending of our hard-earned money – then surely we could have a day that allows us to spend time talking, reading, resting, eating with our friends and family.  The kids are home from college, the offices are closed – it makes sense. Let’s move it to Black Saturday.  (Same with the Super Bowl – but that’s another story)

In closing, I hope you enjoy your time with everyone this Holiday season and I can assure you that I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving, unless it’s for something I forgot for dinner…….

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